Commercial & Residential Asphalt Services

We are a full service asphalt contractor providing asphalt services to customers in Moore County, North Carolina and the surrounding areas. Pro Contracting Services, Inc. demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the specifications, procedures, and practices of Pavement Marking and Traffic Control in highway construction and maintenance work.

Commercial Asphalt Maintenance

Business parking lots are a high traffic area, and it is the job of the lot owner to ensure it is kept safe, clean and looking its best for customers. Pro Contracting Services can help maintain the pavement, lines and overall quality by providing the best NC business parking lot maintenance. 

Patching & Crack Filling

Over time, all blacktop surface will crack due to weather and usage. Our professional pavement crews use top of the line crack filling equipment and techniques to ensure your driveway or parking lot will look as good as new. 

Seal Coating

Pavement surfaces will wear due to time and weather, and by sealing the surface, we can restore its original color, protect it against everyday elements, and extend the service life of the pavement at a fraction of the cost to replace it.

Line Striping

Once a driveway or parking lot has been filled, patched and sealed, we will finish the job with custom line striping. We will design and paint to your specific specifications, using proper dimensions and proportions while still making the most of your land by giving you the maximum number of spots.

Our NC asphalt experts are fully versed in the North Carolina Accessibility Code, to ensure all parking lots, sidewalks, ramps and more will provide a safe route from your customer's parking spot to the building entrance.


We offer durable pot repair for any pothole in your parking lot, and year round service to prevent small potholes from growing larger. We use a high quality finish to help prevent water penetration and keep your asphalt in great shape for years to come.



Residential Asphalt Services

We provide all the services listed above for residential purposes to keep your home's outdoor spaces safe for you and your family. 

We service driveway repair in Moore County, NC and the surrounding areas, whether you need help repairing a cracked driveway or smoothing a washed out gravel driveway, we can help! Give us a call for a free quote today.

Patching & Crack Filling

Everyday use causes driveways to develop cracks and deteriorate over time. We use top of the line crack filling equipment and techniques to restore your driveway's smooth surface.

Seal Coating

Once we have patched and filled cracks, we will apply a sealant to slow down the oxidation process caused by the sun, prevent water penetration and improve the overall appearance.


We can fix potholes in your driveway the right way, using a high quality finish to help prevent water penetration and keep your driveway and walkways in great shape for years to come.

Ask us about routine maintenance for your driveway to extend the life of your asphalt.


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