Let us help you keep your home or business looking it's best! We service projects big and small, from homes in need of annual maintenance to large businesses who need a total parking lot overhaul. 

Pro Contracting Services provides pressure washing and asphalt maintenance in North Carolina. We offer free estimates on all of our services, contact us today! 

Pressure Washing

Cleaning your home does not just mean making sure the inside is dust and grime free. Many homes (and business) owners neglect to wash their home's exterior regularly, which allows contamination, dirt, mold, and mildew to become ingrained into the siding of the property.

This not only impacts the house’s beauty and curb appeal, but it devalues the property and can lead to problems down the road. Protect your investment long term with what is considered the lowest-cost home improvement project. Our North Carolina pressure washing experts  know the needs of homes in this area well, and can help  you determine which services you need.


Residential Pressure Washing

Whether you need to clean a single family home, multi-unit condo or town home, you will always receive the same excellent customer service with Pro Contracting Services. We utilize the most advanced techniques in the pressure washing industry, and our team can help you evaluate the exact type of pressure washing your home needs. 

Residential Pressure Washing

With residential pressure washing, we can eliminate mold, mildew and weather stains from vinyl, aluminum and wood siding, and restore wood shingles to their original condition. Additionally, most painters will recommend power washing to remove dirt and old paint. Pro Contracting Services provides painters with a better surface to paint to enhance the quality of the painting process. 

Low Pressure House Washing

The safest way to power wash your home’s exterior! Pro Contracting Services in Aberdeen, NC uses low pressure washing to take care of your home and it's appearance. Low pressure washing decreases the risk of damage to your home's exterior and is safe for children, pets and plants. Our commercial grade house pressure washing equipment and eco-friendly cleaners will get the job done right!

Downspouts & Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning your gutters in North Carolina is an ongoing project, from maintenance and prevention of water damage associated with clogged gutters. Our team of professional gutter cleaners can safely remove all of the build up in your gutters each year.


You would be surprised at how much a clean driveway or walkway adds to your curb appeal! We can help you brighten up the path to your home! We can even clean the concrete inside your garage without damaging your walls or sheetrock.


We use soft washing when cleaning roofs in North Carolina, because it is a safer way to clean and treat your roof to ensure it's quality for as long as possible.

Decks & Staining

Pro Contracting Services uses ecofriendly chemical pressure washing to eliminate mold, mildew and weather stains from home and pool decks to restore your outdoor areas to their original glory. We can also stain surfaces as needed to withstand weather conditions and ensure your deck will stand the test of time.

Patio Furniture 

Similar to your deck, we can pressure wash patio furniture to clean and restore your favorite furniture so that it will look its best and last you a long time.


Our team of professional painters in North Carolina take great pride in their work! We offer residential and commercial painting services.

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Asphalt maintenance

We are a full service asphalt contractor providing asphalt services to customers in Moore County, North Carolina and the surrounding areas. Pro Contracting Services, Inc. demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the specifications, procedures, and practices of Pavement Marking and Traffic Control in highway construction and maintenance work.


We employ supervisors that have successfully completed 20 hours of instruction in the "Training Course For Worksite Supervisors" and 15 hours in the "Pavement Marking Technician" Training Course and Certification Programs by the American Traffic Safety Services Association, as well as foremen who have successfully completed 8 hours of instruction in the "Training Course For Traffic Control In Urban And Utility Work Areas" by A.T.S.S.A.

Commercial Asphalt Maintenance

Business parking lots are a high traffic area, and it is the job of the lot owner to ensure it is kept safe, clean and looking its best for customers. Pro Contracting Services can help maintain the pavement, lines and overall quality by providing the best NC business parking lot maintenance. 

Patching & Crack Filling

Over time, all blacktop surface will crack due to weather and usage. Our professional pavers use top of the line driveway crack filling equipment and techniques to ensure your driveway or parking lot will look good as new. 

Seal Coating

Pavement surfaces will wear due to time and weather, and by sealing the surface, we can restore its original color, protect it against everyday elements, and extend the service life of the pavement at a fraction of the cost to replace it.

Line Striping

Once a driveway or parking lot has been filled, patched and sealed, we will finish the job with custom line striping. We will design and paint to your specific specifications, using proper dimensions and proportions while still making the most of your land by giving you the maximum number of spots.

Our NC asphalt experts are fully versed in the North Carolina Accessibility Code, to ensure all parking lots, sidewalks, ramps and more will provide a safe route from your customer's parking spot to the building entrance.

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